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Metal Laser Rust Remover Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

  • 100-500W

  • Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheets


Metal Rust Remover Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine is a particularly effective cleaning technology in a number of specialized areas. For example, when the surface of the workpiece is adhered to submicron pollution particles, these particles are often very tightly adhered to the conventional cleaning methods can not be removed, and the surface of the workpiece with nano-laser radiation for cleaning is very effective. There is also laser cleaning of precision workpieces or their fine parts of the cleaning is also very safe, can ensure its accuracy.


» Contamination-free laser cleaning process. Laser cleaning without chemical cleaning agent does not produce cleaning waste liquid, laser cleaning process produces pollutants particles and gases can be simply through the portable exhaust fan for waste collection and purification treatment, to avoid causing environmental pollution.

» Low running costs for laser cleaning machine. Pulse laser that laser cleaning system adopts can be long-term stably used, laser cleaning machine using pulsed laser has a long service life, usually service life of up to 100,000 hours, the use of the process of no consumption of consumables, low operating costs, the later only need for regular cleaning or replacement of the lens, close to maintenance-free.

» The laser cleaning machine is capable of cleaning not only organic pollutants, but also inorganic materials, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, rapid paint stripping, and grease removal.

» The laser can be transmitted through fiber optics, the handheld laser cleaning gun head is lightweight, and the 10m ultra-long distance makes it easy to achieve long-distance operation, and can clean parts and angles that are not easily reached by traditional methods;


Laser cleaning technology is now widely used in many fields such as industry, construction, cultural relics protection and medicine. However, the application potential of laser cleaning technology is still far from being developed, with the continuous improvement of laser performance and price reduction, laser cleaning technology will be more widely used in human production and life. Laser cleaning machine is used in the cleaning of molds and dies, the cleaning of weaponry, the cleaning of metal welding pretreatment, the cleaning of old paint on aircraft, the cleaning of building facades, the cleaning of the electronics industry, the cleaning of cultural relics, the cleaning of rocks, the cleaning of the exterior surfaces of buildings, the precise de-esterification cleaning of precision instrumentation in the industry, the cleaning of pipelines in the reactor of a nuclear power plant, the treatment of oxides in the process of production or maintenance of ships, the removal of paint, descaling, and so on.

Technical Parameters:

Laser power100W200W300W500W
Laser typeFiber Laser
Cooling methodAir cooling/ water cooling
Water temperature18-25℃
Cabinet dimension575x400x500mm610x500x700mm640x540x730mm850x830x960mm
Machine weight39.5kg52kg54kg120kg
Power consumption800W1400W1600W1800W
Focus depth3mm5mm10mm15mm
Scanning width2-50mm
Auxiliary gasCompressed air / nitrogen
Air pressure0.5-0.8Mpa
Working environment 5-40℃


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