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2000W 5-axis Plastic Laser Welding Machine


Plastic laser welding is a technology that uses the heat energy of laser to permanently connect thermoplastic parts. Before welding, it is necessary to increase the appropriate external force to clamp the area between the two parts that need to be welded, adjust the wavelength of the near infrared laser suitable for the material of the part, the laser is transmitted through the first part, absorbed by the second part and converted into heat energy, so as to melt the contact surface of the two parts to form a welding area and complete the welding.


» Not affected by vibration or ultrasonic and other physical effects, suitable for precision parts;

» Non-contact welding, will not produce thermal effect on the surface, scratches or deformation;

» No dust, no flash and other bad phenomena of cleaning practices; High bonding strength and sealing property can be obtained by using the best process conditions.

» The effect caused by heat can be minimized by reducing the light beam;

» The amount of resin degradation is small, the generated debris is less, and the surface of the product can be tightly combined around the weld.

» Plastic laser welding has the advantages of high efficiency, full automatic control, high precision, good weld sealing, solid welding, less damage to plastic parts, and no noise, dust, is a very ideal plastic welding process.


Plastic laser welding can be applied to all industries related to plastic connection, most of which are plastic parts in automobiles, medical devices, home appliances, consumer electronics, etc. In the automobile, the plastic laser welding machine using the quasi-synchronous welding method is applied to the welding of various combination valve bodies, the welding of valve bodies such as check valves and the welding of automobile instrument panels; The plastic laser welding machine with the sequential contour welding method is used to weld a variety of Ran Yu pipelines and plastic joints, as well as high-end automobile bumper welding, automobile greeting light welding, vortex fan welding, automobile rear tail light welding, oil and gas separator welding.


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