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    Suzhou Tianhong Laser Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2001. It mainly provides solutions of "laser + machine vision + automation + MES". The products include laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser welding machines, 3D metal printers and automated production lines.
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    • We provide free consulting service, free sample proofing service and factory inspection service via various means.
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      We provide our customers with installation, commissioning and training services.
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      We cooperate with experienced multi-channel shipping agents to keep machines safe.
    • Tianhong laser provides one-year warranty and life-long maintenance service.
    Application of Laser Cutting In The Automotive Industry

    Summary: In today's laser processing industry, the most important application technology is laser cutting, which accounts for at least 70% of the laser processing industry. Laser cutting is currently the most advanced cutting process in the world. It has many advantages. It can be used for precise m

    Application of Laser Welding Technology in Aluminum Alloy Welding

    Summary: The use of aluminum alloys to replace steel on traditional cars is one of the important ways to achieve lightweight cars. However, due to the characteristics of good thermal conductivity and large linear expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy, there are some problems in welding.

    Application of Laser Marking Technology in Various Industries

    Summary: Laser technology is widely used in industry, but it makes people feel that it is a bit far away from our lives. In our daily life, in fact, the shadow of laser processing can be seen in many places. For example, when buying goods, many of the codes and accessories on clothing are processed



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