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Auto Industry

At present, in automobile production and manufacturing, body parts can be applied to laser processing( about 50-70%), laser processing technology and equipment has become the development direction of international automobile manufacturing. Tianhong laser provides you with a wide range of processing applications covering body-in-white welding, automotive parts manufacturing, PMS production data management and other aspects of technology, cutting, marking, welding and other laser processes to meet the different needs of enterprises.

Body-in-White Welding

Flexible laser cutting and welding system for body-inwhite includes top cover laser welding, side enclosure laser welding, rear coverlaser welding, floor and door laser welding. It has features of high precision, high speed, good dynamic performance. It  is also equipped with high-performance rotary table, which can meet the high beat requirements of the automotive industry.

Flat Wire Motor

Tianhong laser provides one-stop solution for flat copper wire laser paint removal and flat wire motor laser welding.

Paint stripping: Adopt a fiber pulse laser with a wavelength of 1070-1080NM, laser power is selected according to the customer's production line beat, this set of mechanism is easy to integrate online and is easy to maintain and adjust.

Welding: High-speed welding by means of vision galvanometer; Rely on vision for precise positioning to ensure accurate welding position; 48 grooves, 8 layers of 192 points to take pictures and welding time is less than or equal to 60 seconds with faster efficiency and higher yield rate.

Flat Wire Motor

Motor Iron Core

Motor Iron Core

Tianhong laser self-developed motor core laser welding machine is specially designed and manufactured for all kinds of motor stator, rotor iron core multi-channel straight seam and oblique seam welding, which supports welding of a wide range of stator rotors with different outside diameters and stack heights. For the application of motor iron core welding, Tianhong Laser has introduced various types of specialized welding equipment to match the automated production line according to the different process requirements of customers.




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