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Tianhong Laser Attended TCT Asia 2024 with Metal 3D Printing Equipment

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TCT Asia, one of the world's three largest professional exhibitions on additive manufacturing - 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing Asia was successfully held on 7 May 2024 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Tianhong Laser showed up with its metal 3D printing equipment and sample cases, which attracted many visitors' attention.

TCT Asia 2024

Cutting-edge technology, metal forming equipment makes a spectacular appearance

At the exhibition, Tianhong Laser displayed its main product TH-M400, a medium and large-size metal additive manufacturing equipment, and the explosive product TH-M150, a small-size metal additive manufacturing equipment, which attracted many domestic and foreign visitors to stop and visit the exhibition.

TCT Asia 2024

TH-M400 adopts metal powder bed melting technology, the forming chamber can reach up to 406*406"450mm. There are three configurations of single laser, dual laser and four laser available, efficient and stable powder spreading and powder supplying system, it can print titanium alloy, aluminium alloy, high temperature nickel-based alloy, die steel, stainless steel, cobalt-chromium-molybdenum and other materials, to meet the demand for high-efficiency, high-strength, high-quality and continuous production, Suitable for the direct manufacturing of large-size, high-precision and high-performance parts in aerospace, moulds, medical equipment, automotive parts and other fields.

At the exhibition site, TH-M400 and TH-M150 are used to print typical application parts in real time, and the audience felt the charm of metal forming from a close distance.

TCT Asia 2024

In addition to the metal forming equipment on display, Tianhong Laser also introduced TH-M250, TH-M280 and TH-M800 metal 3D printing equipment, which can be configured with six lasers for simultaneous printing, with the highest moulding size of 807mmx607mmx900mm, which can satisfy the needs of multi-field and multi-size metal printing.

Exciting Industry Cases

Tianhong Laser displayed a series of terminal application samples and metal forming cases of large, medium and small sizes for various application scenarios, including stainless steel, titanium alloy, mould steel and other materials for aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial moulds, consumer goods and other industries to provide all-round empowerment.

TCT Asia 2024

In this exhibition, Tianhong Laser not only displayed metal 3D printing technology and equipment, but also through the display of sample cases and the services of the professional team, let visitors deeply feel the broad prospects and unlimited possibilities of metal 3D printing technology. In the future, Tianhong Laser will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and service concept, and contribute more to the development of the global manufacturing industry.

TCT Asia 2024


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