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TianHong Laser Participates in 2024 CWIEME Shanghai International Coil Exhibition

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On June 26th -28th , 2024, CWEIWE Shanghai International Coil Exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Tianhong Laser made a wonderful appearance with its latest R&D achievements, which was well received by the professional visitors. As an important event in the global motor transformer industry, the show not onlygathered technical experts and industry leaders from all over the world, but also became an important platform for displaying front-line technologies and exchanging industry dynamics.


The exhibition of Tianhong Laser is in continuation of its commitment to scientific and technological innovation for many years, and further demonstrates its latest technical achievements in the application of new energy automobile electric drive motor industry. The automation solutions for new energy motor applications were comprehensively demonstrated through the sand table model, which comprehensively covered flat wire motor copper wire paint stripping system, X-pin/H-pin flat wire motor visual positioning welding system, silicon steel sheet precision cutting machine, stator iron core automatic underfeeding welding machine, and flat wire motor flexible production line. During the exhibition, Tianhong Laser's booth was always crowded, and its display of "laser + intelligent manufacturing" technology and solutions attracted the attention of many professional visitors.


As a comprehensive solution provider of "laser+machine vision+automation+MES", Tianhong Laser has been deeply plowing into the electrical machinery industry in recent years, investing a large amount of scientific research funds, and devoting itself to promoting the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of the industry. The successive launch of related technologies is based on a deep understanding of the current green and digital motor manufacturing industry development trend and response, aimed at the pursuit of efficient, environmentally friendly production model to provide strong technical support worldwide.

In terms of flat wire motor manufacturing, the flat wire paint stripping system on display uses 1-4 channels of fiber pulsed lasers with a wavelength of 1070-1080nm for processing, which is capable of completely stripping off the insulation layer without residue. It is flexible in terms of matching and high production efficiency, and can be used with on-line or single machine.


H-pin/X-pin flat wire motor visual positioning welding system, adopts vision vibration mirror for high-speed welding, whether in the welding of single-layer as well as multi-layer HairPin motor flat copper wire, the speed of a single weld about 200ms, the efficiency is greatly improved over the traditional process; Customized development of the welding of the special software can write the ID of each Pin, and determine whether the gap of the splices meets the standard of welding. Adopt vision to position each Pin, thus ensuring the welding effect. Real-time monitoring of the oscillating position of the galvanometer and the laser system ensures stable welding.


Flat wire motor flexible production line, integrating flat wire molding, paper insertion, merging, crimping, flaring, head twisting, head cutting, welding, visual inspection, Busbar spot welding, safety test, air cooling, stator baking, stator coating, stator paint dripping, etc.; Equipped with highly flexible features, adopting modularized design; 50% of process stations can be quickly and automatically changed; upgraded for pin molding, varnish removing, automatic pin insertion, welding and other stations. Iterative upgrading of pin molding, peeling, automatic pin insertion, welding and other stations. This production line can not only be customized according to the specific needs of customers, but also realize automated production, thus significantly improving work efficiency.


Tianhong laser stator iron core automatic downstream welding line has also become the focus of attention on the scene, its dual-line side-by-side mirror design. Shared material handling robot, space-saving, beautiful layout; Non-contact camera detection to avoid warpage; Can use double or triple laser head welding to improve efficiency; compatible with the stack height of 30-250mm; Outer diameter 100-250mm; It is also possible to change the tooling according to different products.


In addition to the technology demonstration, Tianhong Laser also shared its insights on the future development of motor technology at the exhibition. The sales director of Tianhong Laser gave a unique insight into the latest product technology and development trend of the industry in which the company operates, and explained the company's latest technology and products in detail.

Through this exhibition, Tianhong Laser not only brought impressive and innovative technologies and solutions, but also established connections with other outstanding enterprises in the industry, laying a good foundation for future cooperation and development. With the rapid development of the global economy, there is an increasing demand for new energy vehicles and high-efficiency motors, which puts forward higher requirements for related manufacturing technologies. With its profound accumulation in laser application technology, Tianhong Laser is continuously promoting the industry to develop in the direction of higher efficiency, environmental protection and intelligence, with a view to contributing more power to the global green energy and intelligent manufacturing industry.


As a global leader in laser technology, every innovation of Tianhong Laser has attracted the attention of the industry. Through the successful organization of CWIEME Shanghai, Tianhong Laser not only further verified its leading position in technology, but also demonstrated its determination and ability to promote the progress of the global electrical machinery and new energy industry.

In the future, Tianhong Laser will continue to work together with its global partners to develop a wider range of markets, explore the possibilities of laser technology in new applications, and contribute to the continuous innovation and development of the global manufacturing industry.


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