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High Precision Multi-axis Metal Laser Welding Machine


To achieve multi-track welding, the High Precision Multi-axis Metal Laser Welding Machine uses a robotic arm in conjunction with laser welding. Robot laser welding machine equipment is specialized in the application of automotive hardware, medical equipment and other metal processing industry laser processing solutions, equipment in the design of the integrated structure of the machine, the use of multi-functional laser software control system, can effectively meet the different shapes of the welding, with flexible and diverse forms of application, suitable for a variety of different types of complex products, precision welding.


» Original imported industrial robots and imported fiber lasers.

» Six-axis linkage three-dimensional parts welding, flexible response to complex workpieces and can be adapted to the changing conditions of the workpieces.

» Automation control can realize multi-station cooperative work.

» Non-contact visual positioning system, detecting and correcting welding seam deviation.

» Core components are basically maintenance-free, low maintenance cost.

» Greatly improve the appearance and internal quality of welded parts, and ensure the stability of quality and reduce labor intensity, improve the labor environment, can realize automation, flexibilization, through the data programming, the real realization of intelligent manufacturing.


High Precision Multi-axis Metal Laser Welding Machine is an efficient, high-quality welding method, widely used in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronic communications and other fields.



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