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Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • 1000-3000W

  • 600mm×600mm

  • Metal


Precision fiber laser cutting machine adopts marble high-performance gantry beam structure, and the equipment processing format is 600*600mm. This equipment is professionally used for scribing, cutting, drilling and other precision processing of thin sheets with high precision requirements, mainly including those in the electronics industry. Metal sheet processing, etc., is a small-format fiber laser cutting machine tailored for the market demand for precision cutting of thin sheets.

The equipment adopts high-performance dual-drive linear motors, high-resolution grating rulers, high-precision control systems, and gantry-type structures. The bed adopts an integral welded structure and is equipped with a marble work platform to ensure the processing accuracy, stability and reliability of high-speed motion. sex. The overall structural design is advanced and reasonable, strong and reliable, which can ensure the structural accuracy of the machine tool to be stable for a long time. It has good system rigidity, long life and low power consumption.

Features of precision fiber laser cutting machine

·Equipped with 1000-3000W laser;

·The machine tool adopts a high-strength welded bed and is equipped with a marble platform, which has good rigidity and high strength;

·The machine tool adopts gantry-type bilateral drive, linear motor drive, and high-precision linear guide rails. It has high installation accuracy, small transmission error, and good dynamic characteristics;

·Equipped with adaptive optical design and power adaptive technology, it has high processing efficiency.

Technical Parameters:

Item Technical parameters
Model TH-GSF0606
Y-axis path 600mm
X-axis path 600mm
Z-axis path 80mm
Max. acceleration 0.8G
Cutting accuracy (100x100mm format) ±0.02mm
Positioning accuracy
±0.02 mm[1]
Repetition positioning accuracy
±0.01 mm[1]
Machine weight About 1.9T
Machine dimension


 (shall prevail over the real thing)


car audio hole

car audio hole

silicon steel sheet

silicon steel sheet

laptop cooling holes

laptop cooling holes

electronic metal plate

electronic metal plate


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