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Tianhong Laser Launches Five Series of Laser Metal 3D Printer to Enhance New Quality of Productivity

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On March 5th , 2024, Premier Li Qiang pointed out in the government work report made by the National People's Congress that "Vigorously promote the construction of modernized industrial system and accelerate the development of new quality productivity". As a typical innovation equipment of the future industrial mother machine, metal 3D printer plays a fundamental role in guiding the improvement of industrial advanced manufacturing productivity.

As an emerging manufacturing technology, application fields of additive manufacturing continue to expand and additive manufacturing becomes one of the fastest growing technology direction in the field of advanced manufacturing. The development of additive manufacturing industry for the cultivation and growth of modern manufacturing industry as well as the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry provides a valuable opportunity. Additive manufacturing technology has completely changed the product design and manufacturing process, and is regarded as the "gas pedal" of scientific and technological innovation in many fields. Also, the additive manufacturing technology becomes the key basic technology to support the innovative development of manufacturing industry, and further change the production mode of the product, driving customization, personalization, distributed manufacturing. In terms of enterprise application, additive manufacturing technology has given parts and components integrated printing, lightweight, high-efficiency heat transfer, the application of new materials, multi-material functional gradient structure design and other innovative functions.

With the maturity of 3D printing technology, application scenarios continue to expand, especially in aerospace, medical and dental, consumer electronics and other fields. According to market research firm SmarTech Analysis, the global additive manufacturing market size reaches $13.5 billion in 2022 (Wohlers Report 2023 report $18 billion) and the additive manufacturing market size will reach $18.8 billion in 2023, and is expected to reach $119 billion by 2032, of which the SLM (METAL PBF) technology route from the growth rate and share of almost exponential growth and is the sum of other routes.


Tianhong Laser Launches Four Series of Laser Metal 3D Printer

After 13 years of technical research and development, Tianhong Laser has successfully developed five series of selective fused deposition laser metal molding equipment, commonly known as laying powder laser metal 3D printer bed. In March 9th , 2024 it successfully passed the Jiangsu Province Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Society organized by experts product identification and user testing and product performance has reached the domestic advanced level. Among them, the free matching combination of multiple heads, constant power density variable spot printing technology, layer thickness intelligent gradient powder laying technology creates a new technology for high efficiency and high precision 3D printing, which effectively improves the efficiency and precision of 3D printer bed.

Series One: TH-M150

Small-size mainstream metal additive manufacturing equipment, is suitable for medical, hand plate, scientificresearch and education, material verification and personalized customization andother fields.

 metal 3D printer TH-M150

Series Two: TH-M280 (option single-head and dual-head laser)

High-quality medium-sized metal additive manufacturing equipment, is applicable to the field of medical hand boards, small moulds and personalizedcustomization.

 metal 3D printer TH-M280

Series Three: TH-M400 (optional single-head, dual-head, four-head laser)

 High-quality metal additive manufacturing equipment, is suitable for the direct manufacturing oflarge-size, high-precision and high-performance parts in the fields of aerospace, moulds, medicalequipment and automotive parts.

 metal 3D printer TH-M400

Series Four: TH-M800

High-efficiency large-size metal additive manufacturing equipment, is applicable to aerospace, molds, automotive parts and other fields.

 metal 3D printer TH-M800 


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