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6 Meters CNC Fiber Pipe Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

  • 1000W-4000W

  • 6016-6032

  • carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, etc


The birth of the 6 Meters CNC Fiber Pipe Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine for Sale has injected new blood into the pipe processing. Metal and other materials can be cut seamlessly with a laser tube cutter. When the machine is programmed, it can be widely used in custom cutting operations. The laser cutting pipe is designed graphically by computer aided design software and imported into the cutting machine operating system to automate the cutting and maximize the speed of the manufacturing project. Typically, a database is included in the operating system with key information such as the material type, thickness and geometry of the tube.


» High precision and high efficiency. The real difference of the laser pipe cutting machine is the accuracy of cutting, using chuck and push cutting methods, with high centering accuracy and processing accuracy;

» Laser pipe cutting machine fiber laser flexible transmission, cutting head structure is compact, no reflective lens, basically maintenance-free and no loss; Powerful cutting function, four-claw self-centering chuck, can cut square pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe and a variety of special-shaped pipe;

» The diameter and length of the processed pipe can be customized (standard round pipe diameter Φ30~160mm, length 6000mm); High cost performance, low use cost, low follow-up maintenance cost; The processing system is simple and easy to operate, and can provide real-time feedback to the processing state to ensure orderly processing.


Application range of 6 Meters CNC Fiber Pipe Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine for Sale: round pipe, oval pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, shaped pipe and other types of pipe cutting; Applicable pipe material type: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper and other materials; Widely used industries are fitness equipment, oil pipeline, construction machinery, automobile manufacturing, household appliances production and other pipe processing industries.

Technical Parameters:





Laser power




Max. Tube clamping weight




X-axis and Y-axis positioning accuracy




X-axis and Y-axis repetition positioning   accuracy




Chuck rotating speed




Clamping tube range







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