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GFPB12052-12000 Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine

  • 12000W

  • 1200*520mm

  • carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, etc


GFPB12052-12000 automatic tube laser cutting machine is specially designed for cutting pipe fittings, the structure has been recalculated and strengthened and upgraded; Welded bed, high rigidity, annealing treatment, to ensure long-term non-deformation; Improved fabric structure by mechanical analysis and repeated product practice, with strong bearing capacity; It adopts the special control software of FRIENDESS 5000 for tube cutting; Superior algorithm performance, multi-axis linkage control advantages, and simple operation.


» The first domestic brand chuck. The front (fixed) chuck adopts self-centering type chuck, the jaws do not need to be disassembled and assembled many times due to the travel factor, which improves the accuracy and life of the chuck, and increases the efficiency;

» Adopting special control software for Pachu 5000 pipe cutting. Algorithm performance is superior, multi-axis linkage control advantage is outstanding, and simple operation;

» Equipped with PATCHU tube cutting separate nesting software (full solution version). The software contains most of the common pipe models, improve the efficiency of drawing; optimization of various types of pipe nesting, common edge algorithm, improve the efficiency of pipe cutting;

» Adopting the integrated bed design of 12m incoming material processing body + cutting room + 12m discharging platform, with large bearing capacity, good equipment stability and high precision;

» Adopting special laser cutting head for pipe cutting, reducing the interference surface of pipe cutting;

» Equipped with dust extraction, connected to the hose discharge, smoke and dust is not easy to spread, the effect is excellent


GFPB12052-12000 Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine finds extensive application in multiple pipe processing industries, including but not limited to the manufacturing of automobiles and home appliances, construction machinery, fitness equipment, and oil pipelines. It works with many different kinds of coffins, such as square, rectangular, oval, circular, and custom-shaped tubes. Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and other metal materials can all be used with it.

Technical Parameters:



Laser power


Fixed chuck through-hole diameter


X-axis and Y-axis air movement speed


Max. acceleration in the rear chuck axis (Y)


Chuck rotating speed


Cutting accuracy

±0.3mm (excluding the tube's own precision, thermal processing deformation)


laser tube cutting samples



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