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GSF Single Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


The GSF single platform fiber laser cutting machines produced by our company is a mature product with high speed, high precision, high efficiency, and high cost performance. 

This series of products is the first choice for the metal material processing industry, with high speed f  lying cutting, extremely low operating cost, excellent stability, high-quality processing and powerful cutting capabilities. 

Equipped with high-precision gear rack, high-precision high-torque reducer, high-precision linear guide, high-performance servo drive system, high-strength extruded aluminum alloy cross beam and other transmission mechanisms, controlled by advanced Cypcut CNC system.

Features of GSF Single Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

» Equipped with a 6000-12000W laser;

» The machine tool adopts high-strength welded bed, equipped with a specially designed aluminum beam, which has good rigidity and high strength; High precision, large transmission torque, small transmission error, good dynamic characteristics;

» Equipped with adaptive optical design, equipped with power adaptive technology, high processing efficiency.

» The X&Y axis is driven by precision helical gears;

» The centralized process database can be adjusted as needed.

Technical Parameters:






Laser power





Z-axis path





Positioning accuracy





Repetition positioning accuracy





Processing format





Details of GSF Single Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:

Modular Design

Several components with independent functions are integrated scientifically and systematically for high quality matching of the whole machine; With high strength and high reliability of the machine guaranteed, the product development speed is improved to respond to market demand rapidly.

Welding bed

The main bed body of the cutting machine is welded with steel structural steel. Welded bars are used internally both horizontally and vertically as reinforcements for the bed body, which better solves the stress caused by welding and processing, thereby greatly improving the machine tool's performance. Rigidity, can maintain the accuracy of machine tools for a long time. The bases on both sides are processed by gantry milling in one step, which effectively ensures the accuracy of the later installation of precision linear guide rails and precision racks.

Cross beam

After welding, annealing, stress relief, rough machining and finish machining, the welding beam adopted by our company has solved the stress caused by welding and processing, thus greatly improving the stability of the machine tool and maintaining the accuracy of the machine tool for a long time.

CNC System

O’LASER CUT laser cutting control system is a set of system software for plane laser cutting, including laser cutting process processing, common layout function and laser processing control. The main functions include graphics processing, parameter setting, custom cutting process editing, nesting, path planning, simulation, and cutting processing control.

Application of GSF Single Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine is professionally used to cut various medium and thin metal plates, high-quality cutting carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates, copper plates, aluminum alloy plates, galvanized plates, electrolytic plates, silicon steel, titanium alloys, aluminum-plated zinc plates metallic material.




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