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High Speed CO2 Flying Laser Marking Machine

  • 30W/50W/60W/100W

  • 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 110x110mm (optional)


High Speed CO2 Flying Laser Marking Machine makes the evaporation of the surface layer of the material to reveal the deep material through the high temperature beam burning. The laser beam on the surface of a variety of different substances with permanent marking carves out exquisite patterns, two-dimensional code and text with high precision, fast speed and good stability.


» Fast coding speed: Professional industrial-grade laser, fast flight coding, csuitable for high-speed continuous production line.

» Clear and beautiful environmental protection and energy saving. Laser marking is fine and beautiful, numbers, text, letters, characters, etc. can be accurately read; the equipment is small in size and power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

» Anti-destructive and non-invasive. Laser coding content with acid, alkali, solvents, high temperature, low temperature and other ways can not be destroyed, anti-counterfeiting and anti-destructive.

» No consumables and simple operation. The use of the equipment without late supplies, equipment operation is simple, long-term stable work to meet the needs of high-volume intelligent industrialized production.


High Speed CO2 Flying Laser Marking Machine is widely used in food industry, beverage industry, alcohol industry, mineral water industry, pharmaceuticals industry, chemical products industry, tobacco industry, health care products industry, electronics industry, card making industry, handicraft industry, building material industry, leather industry, plastic industry and rubber products accessories industry, and other various manufacturing products or product packaging industry. The materials can mark include paper, plastic, wood, glass, tin foil, colored ceramics and other non-metallic materials and metal surface oxidation electroplating spray paint materials, etc.

Technical Parameters:








Laser source

lmported CO2 laser



Laser power


Marking method

Vector / Lattice (5x7/6x12/7x14/8x16/12x24) method

Marking range

50x50mm,75x75mm,   110x110mm (optional)

Focus depth

Varies with the size   of the field lens

Information output method

Text String Mode


Any line within the   marking range (adjustable)

Flying marking speed

Steady state value ≤130m/min

Character height

Adjustable (unit: mm)


Support SHX   single-line fonts and have the company’s customized laser marking fonts

Marking options

Fully automatic   serial number, batch number and real-time clock, automatic production date


flying laser marking sample



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