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PCB CO2 Laser Marking Machine


PCB CO2 laser marking machine is a laser galvanometer marking machine that uses CO2 gas as the working medium.

Compared with traditional marking methods, PCB CO2 laser marking machine has the following advantages:

·High precision: capable of high-precision engraving and marking on PCB boards.

·High efficiency: It can quickly mark and mark on the PCB board, and has the function of batch processing.

·High quality: It avoids the contamination and damage to the PCB board caused by pigments, chemical solutions and other substances that may be caused by traditional marking methods.

·Diversity: Able to implement a variety of marking methods, including text, numbers, patterns, barcodes, QR codes, etc.

Features of PCB CO2 Laser Marking Machine

》High intelligence, high production efficiency, high precision, strong system stability, automatic scanning and error alarm function, high protection level, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection.

》High speed digital mirror, high performance CO2 laser, fast speed, precision accuracy, stable performance can work for 24 hours in a continuous period.

》With PLC controller I/O signal transmission can be carried out with the customer' s machine.

》Support MES system.

Technical Parameters:



Laser source


Max. laser power


Marking speed


Repetition marking accuracy


Max. Engraving range

100mm*100mm (field lens optional)

Min. Line width


Applicable PCB Specifications

Min: 50mm*50mm, Max: 510mm*460mm

Applicable PCB Thickness


PCB weight


QR code engraving range


QR code en graving characters

1.5*1.5mm/15; 2*2mm/25; 3*3mm/50; 5*5mm/100



X/Y axis movement speed




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