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Online Flying Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • 50W/51W

  • 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 110x110mm (optional)

  • non-metallic materials such as paper, glass, plastic, leather, wood, etc.


Online Flying Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine means no worktable, but a more flexible way, can mark 360 degrees in the product surface, can also be assembled in the assembly line with the track rotation so as to realize the product marking. Comprehensively speaking, flying laser marking machine is fast and a high degree of industrial automation set, without the need to set up additional manual positions.


» Flying laser marking machine adopts the highest international fiber laser, and the most advanced galvanometer scanning system. And the light spot conversion rate can be as large as 70%, the body is compact and easy to operate. Adopting wind cooling system, the light source output performance is stable, and maintenance-free after use, without using any consumables. Because of the core components are fine, so the whole machine service life is very long, can reach nearly 100,000 hours.

» Flying laser marking machine is very small in size, so it is particularly convenient to use manually. Can be used manually to follow the flow of the production line to the product marking, fully realized the concept of the product off the line can be directly into the warehouse. Break through the traditional laser marking machine can only give static product marking trouble.

» Flying laser marking machine light source output collimation, marking precision, clear lines. And the trademark line is uniform and beautiful. No matter how fast or slow the flow of products, marking light source output is stable, marking quality will not change, so the work efficiency is high, especially power saving, which is also the practical aspects of flying laser marking machine.

» Flying laser marking machine is not only practical, but also a long life, each module can have a long service life, and very easy to operate, easy to learn, can be said to be a one-time investment, lifelong benefit, do not have to use any consumables, the internal air-cooled heat dissipation system, the later do not have to maintain at all, and it is very energy-saving, saving electricity.


Online Flying Type Fiber Laser Marking Machine in today's industrial equipment status, is no longer just limited to the product outside the bag outside the embodiment of the production date and batch number. In fact, many things in life are produced by flying laser marking machine, such as: medical health care products, food and beverage life, tobacco, alcohol, and electronics industry, as well as industrialization, heavy industry products: automotive parts, craft products and clothing accessories. The use of biopharmaceuticals and construction materials also has a wide range of areas, with the continuous development of automation, the development prospects of flying laser marking machine will involve more aspects.

Technical Parameters:




Laser source


Laser power


Marking method

Vector / Lattice (5x7/6x12/7x14/8x16/12x24) method

Marking range

50x50mm,75x75mm,   110x110mm (optional)

Focus depth

Varies with the size   of the field lens

Information output method

Text String Mode


Any line within the   marking range (adjustable)

Flying marking speed

Steady state value ≤130m/min

Character height

Adjustable (unit: mm)


Support SHX single-line fonts and have the company’s customized laser marking fonts

Marking options

Fully automatic serial number, batch number and real-time clock, production date. etc


flying laser marking sample



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