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6 Sets of Laser Cutting Machines Help Metal Product Customers Improve Quality And Efficiency

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Founded in 1999, a customer in the metal products industry has purchased 6 laser cutting machines from Celestica in succession. What makes them trust Celestica so much?

In this issue of [Customer Witness], we walked into a customer in the metal products industry located in Xiangcheng, Suzhou , to see how advanced production tools can help traditional enterprises improve their economic efficiency.

The trust of "purchasing 6 machines in a row"

Founded in 1999, the company is an old-fashioned metal products company. Its main business includes: metal products, smart mailboxes, identification signs, etc., with business all over the world.

In 2012, the company purchased a cantilever screw laser cutting machine from Tianhong . The customer was very satisfied with the cutting speed and effect, and the productivity and product quality have been greatly improved.

"When we purchased the laser cutting machine for the first time, we inspected it for three months and inspected several companies on the spot. Later, we chose Tianhong Laser, which has a good price-performance ratio. We also inspected the equipment in use. The overall equipment is relatively stable and the quality is high. Very good. Since the use of laser cutting equipment, the overall efficiency has improved a lot, and the production cost has also been reduced."

With the continuous improvement of production capacity, the customer successively purchased two laser cutting machine equipment from Tianhong Laser, and at the end of 2021, it purchased three double-exchange laser cutting machines at one time. Compared with the prudence in introducing the first laser equipment, the purchase of the subsequent 5 laser equipment seemed smooth and confident. The six cutting equipments of Tianhong Laser lived up to expectations and became a sharp tool for customers to improve quality and efficiency .


"Why we have been able to cooperate with Tianhong Laser for 10 years is because of its high quality, good service, high efficiency, and meeting all my processing requirements. I have no reason not to choose Tianhong Laser!"

"At the stage of equipment installation and commissioning, Tianhong Laser's after-sales engineers have been accompanying the production and are very responsible. If there is any problem, a phone call is basically on call, and the response speed is fast. We are very satisfied." The technicians on site said tell us.

"Old and stable", the performance is still strong

During this enterprise return visit, we saw that the laser cutting equipment, as the "veteran class" in the workshop, is still in normal operation and production. It has been running for 3650 days and 10 hours a day for nearly 10 years, and it is still in normal service.

"In terms of cutting quality, the surface of some cutting parts has no deformation and high quality, which can effectively improve work efficiency and save labor costs." The customer's technical engineer highly appreciated the six machines of Tianhong Laser.


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