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"Praise for Tianhong Automatic Welding Production Line"

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Laser technology, as a high-tech technology, its application can improve industrial production efficiency and be more cost-effective than many traditional manufacturing technologies. At present, the application of laser technology has penetrated into all walks of life.

In 2019, a well-known company in Jiangsu purchased a Tianhong fully automated laser welding production line. On October 16, the chairman and general manager of our company were invited to visit the company and had a cordial exchange on the business and technical cooperation between the two parties.

It is reported that our fully automatic laser welding production line equipment has been running stably for several months in this enterprise. The welding effect is good, no cracks, no pores, no thermal deformation. In addition to automatic flow production, it also integrates automatic size, The industrial visual detection of burrs and foreign objects has significantly improved the production efficiency. For this reason, Mr. Yang, the general manager of the company, expressed his full affirmation of our products, expressed his gratitude for the unremitting service during the epidemic, and expressed his hope that in the future, other production lines Continue to strengthen cooperation on applications.

Chairman Jin of our company visited the workshop and equipment of the company, and expressed his admiration for the company's technology and orderly production site, which is an example for Tianhong to learn from.

It is the affirmation of Tianhong laser products to get the heartfelt approval of customers! After 20 years of development, Tianhong Laser has accumulated the trust of thousands of customers. Tianhong Laser will maintain continuous innovation and efforts to provide global industrial enterprises with high-quality, high-performance, high-guarantee, and strong-experience intelligent laser equipment and industrial application solutions.


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