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Laser Cutting Machine Helps Hydrogen Energy Companies Improve Quality And Efficiency

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How does laser cutting help the hydrogen energy industry? This time [Customer Witness], we walked into a famous foreign-funded hydrogen energy industry company to see what kind of story they have with Tianhong Laser.

1.Proves its choice with its strength

The company was established in 2018. It is a high-tech enterprise established on the basis of a Belgian group taking over all the personnel and intellectual property rights of a well-known hydrogen production equipment company in Suzhou. It focuses on the R&D, production and sales of alkaline electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment. , is the headquarters of the hydrogen energy business of a Belgian group in China. It is one of the few domestic enterprises capable of producing hydrogen production equipment with a hydrogen production capacity of 1000Nm³/h alkaline electrolyzed water.

The electrolyzer is one of the components of the electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment. During the production and assembly process of the electrolyzer, it is necessary to cut the entire piece of sheet metal into required parts. Due to the high-tech characteristics of the product, the requirements for the processing consistency, processing accuracy and section quality of the parts are very high, and the selection of laser equipment is also more stringent.

In 2019, the enterprise purchased a dual-exchange laser cutting machine from Tianhong Laser . At the initial stage of purchasing, the customer inspected many laser cutting machine manufacturers. As a cutting-edge brand in the laser industry of Guoneng, Tianhong Laser has been adhering to speaking with quality for 21 years, and has won the trust of end customers in the market. The company later chose Tianhong Laser based on comprehensive consideration of equipment performance, production efficiency and after-sales system.

2.Helps transform production

In the past, the customer's processing method was mainly to find outsourced processing and production, which would lead to a problem that the processing effect and production schedule could not be effectively guaranteed. Later, the customer purchased Celestica's laser cutting machine through technological transformation, and the processing accuracy, cutting section and work efficiency have been significantly improved. With the renewal of technology and the development of technology, the production capacity of the enterprise has also undergone a qualitative change.

The person in charge of production told us: "For 2 years, the machine has been turned on and operated for 12 hours a day, and the equipment has been working continuously. The utilization rate is relatively high Only once a year after the machine is purchased, there are basically no other problems. glitch. "

"The quality of Tianhong's equipment is nothing to say, we are now expanding production, and we plan to purchase another large-format and high-power laser cutting machine."

"Tianhong laser cutting machine, stable quality, timely and effective after-sales service, trustworthy!"

3.Win-win together

"Domestic laser technology and processes have been able to compete with foreign technologies on the same platform, and have also won the favor of foreign customers. I believe in the strength of Chinese manufacturing." Having been deeply involved in the manufacturing field for many years, the person in charge of the company is very optimistic about China The development prospects of the laser market.

The person in charge of the company said that the reason why Tianhong Laser trusts Tianhong Laser is that apart from the stability of equipment, Tianhong Laser is always by its side to actively respond, maintain equipment, and improve technology. Cooperation, continue to move forward hand in hand.

To build a big country, the pace of scientific and technological intelligence has never stopped, and the laser market is still hot. Seizing every opportunity of the times to move forward, Tianhong Laser uses quality and service to help every cooperative enterprise win-win.


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