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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Tube and Plate

  • 1000-3000W

  • 3000*1500mm, 6000*2000mm

  • stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy...


Fiber laser cutting machine for metal tube and plate can carry up to 3000W laser power, so for most thickness, it is a very good choice. For example, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, food machinery and construction machinery and other large machinery and equipment manufacturing. Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, aluminum-plating zinc plate, copper, and other metals.


» Welded bed for durability: The bed is made of heavy steel plate welded, stable structure, no shaking when running at high speed; the bed is heavy, good antivibration performance, thus ensuring accuracy when cutting

» High speed dual switching platform: The double working tables are exchanged in parallel, with high power transmission and overload capacity, so that cutting work and loading and unloading can be carried out simultaneously, thus improving processing productivity.

» The aviation aluminum beam is manufactured according to aerospace standards, which has good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, low density, and can greatly increase the processing speed..

» Auto focus cutting head. No manual operation, simple auto focus.

» Independent control cabinet. Dust-proof, automatic constant temperature.


Application Materials:

Fiber laser cutting machine for metal tube and plate is suitable for metal cutting like stainless steel sheet, mild steel plate, carbon steel sheet, alloy steel plate, spring steel sheet, iron plate, galvanized iron, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate, copper sheet, brass sheet, bronze plate, gold plate, silver plate, titanium plate, metal sheet, If you equipped with the rotary axis, Metal Plate, Tubes and Pipes, all ok.

Application Industries:

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines for Metal Tube and Plate are widely used in manufacture billboard, signs, advertising, signage, metal letters, LED letters, kitchen ware, advertising letters, sheet metal processing, metals components and parts, ironware, chassis, racks & cabinets processing, metal crafts, metal art ware, elevator panel cutting, hardware, auto parts, glasses frame, electronic parts, nameplates, etc.

Technical Parameters:




Laser power


Max. acceleration


Clamping tube range

Φ8-Φ120, □8-□85 / Φ10-Φ160, □10-□110

Max. Clamping tube weight

≤ 120KG

Chuck rotating speed


Y2-axis positioning accuracy

±0.03 mm/1000mm[1]

Y2-axis repetition positioning accuracy

±0.03 mm/1000mm[1]

U-axis repetition positioning accuracy

≤7 arcs





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