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"I Am A Sheet Metal Processor, And I Trust Tianhong Laser"

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Tianhong Laser’s two high power laser cutting machines, GHF15000W and GDF20000W, delivered to two customers in Jinan and Qingdao successively.


According to customer feedback, they investigated many laser cutting machine brands and products in the early stage, inspected more than a dozen laser cutting machine brands at home and abroad, and then selected Tianhong Laser. After many times of testing, proofing and debugging, Tianhong Laser GHF15000W and GDF20000W laser cutting machines were selected and delivered successfully.

The customer gave the following reasons for choosing Celestica:

1. Professional

After repeated investigations, it was found that Tianhong has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of laser equipment for 20 years, and has continuously carried out technological innovation on the original basis to adapt to the trend of market development.

Through the on-site observation of the proofing process and the explanation of the engineer, it is found that the operation speed, stability and fineness of Tianhong laser equipment are at the top level in the industry.

2. Strength

Customers visited Celestica's factories, production workshops, R&D centers, after-sales centers, and Celestica's showrooms, etc., expressing their trust in Celestica's R&D strength, production strength, and service capabilities.

3. Brand reputation

During the inspection of Celestica, the customer also repeatedly verified the use of Celestica's previous customers and Celestica's after-sales service. Celestica, the leading brand in the industry, is trustworthy!

Tianhong high-power laser cutting series, the upper limit of positioning speed can reach 100m/min, the positioning accuracy can reach 0.03mm/m, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach 0.02mm.

The core components are equipped with international first-line brands, using advanced numerical control system, easy to operate, and can provide real-time feedback on processing status to ensure orderly processing.

GHF cutting sample display:


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