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1000W Multi-axis Steel Laser Welding Machine


1000W Multi-axis Steel Laser Welding Machine is suitable for all kinds of metal materials, automatic spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, to complete the complex plane straight line, arc and arbitrary trajectory of the welding. Customized according to the welding process of the customer's products for the customer, the use of four-axis linkage fully automatic laser welding machine means that only one ordinary workers can operate to complete, the maximum extent for the enterprise to save labor costs and improve the welding efficiency.


» The laser welding system adopts fully automatic laser welding laser head.

» The laser welding head adopts double vibrating mirror oscillating head. Any shape of the laser beam can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

» The laser welding head adopts high-performance water-cooled welding head with coaxial visual interface, which is convenient for visual matching in the later stage.

» Faster welding speed, improve work efficiency.

» Remove the grinding process after welding, effectively reduce the cost of labor use.

» Can effectively ensure the welding strength.

» No need to use additive welding method.


1000W Multi-axis Steel Laser Welding Machine is used in the welding of precision parts such as eyeglass frames, microelectronic components, integrated circuit leads, high-power diodes, cell phone batteries, electronic components, water pots, vacuum cups, stainless steel products, door handles, molds and other welding.


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