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3W UV Laser Marking Machines

  • 3W

  • 100*100mm (optional)

  • glass, polymer material


3W UV Laser Marking Machines are a typical laser marking machine equipment in the high sex ratio model, also known as UV cold laser marking machine. It adopts 355nm ultraviolet laser and the machine adopts the third-order cavity frequency doubling technology with infrared laser comparison. 355nm ultraviolet light focusing spot is extremely small, can reduce the mechanical deformation of the material to a large extent and processing of small thermal impact, the laser marking machine is a typical high performance ratio model.


» UV laser marking machine laser spot diameter is 3mm, focusing spot is small. Small marking line width is  ≤ 10um (micron) and line fineness up to microns, which can carve out the effect of fine.

» Small heat affected zone. High-energy UV light with a wavelength of 355 nm directly interrupts the atomic or molecular chemical bonds on the surface of the material and "cold" treats the material. The heat production area is small and the processing quality is guaranteed.

» Fast marking speed. Adopt vibrating mirror type precision marking head, marking effect is fine and repeatable processing, marking character speed reach 300 characters/second, line speed up to 7000mm/s.

» Common UV laser marking machine electro-optical conversion rate is high, the laser life of up to 20,000 hours, the end of no change in the light source.

» Under normal use, the whole machine will not change or add any wear and tear consumable parts. Low cost of after use.

» Powerful software. Marking software is compatible with CAD, Photoshop and other files, support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other graphic file formats and barcode marking, you can directly use SHX, TTF font, coding, printing serial number, batch number, date and so on.


3W UV Laser Marking Machines are mainly used for ultra-fine marking, engraving, especially suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging materials marking, high-speed division of glass materials and complex graphic cutting of silicon wafers and other application areas.

Technical Parameters:

Laser power3w@50KHz
Engraving range100 X 100mm(optional)
Min. character0.15mm
Engraving speed≤ 7000mm/s
Repetition accuracy±0.003mm
Min. line width0.01mm(Depending on material)@ F=160 mm
Beam quality≤ 1.3
Pulse repetition frequency30-150kHz
Power consumption1000w
Cooling wayAir cooling/water  cooling


UV laser marking samples


UV laser marking samples


UV laser marking samples


UV laser marking samples




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