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Multi-Station Nameplate Automatic Laser Marking Machine

  • 50W-100W

  • Namplate


Multi-Station Nameplate Automatic Laser Marking Machine is widely used in the processing of nameplates in various industries, utilizing laser beams to make permanent marks on the surface of different substances. The effect of marking is to reveal the deeper material through the evaporation of the surface material, or through the light energy to make the surface material to produce chemical and physical changes and engraved traces, or through the light energy to burn off part of the material, revealing the required etching of the pattern, text, bar code and other types of graphics.


» Laser power output is stable, marking clarity is high.

» High processing efficiency, marking speed is 10 times or even higher than the traditional engraving models.

» No operating system limitations, easy to operate and program, the optical path is fully closed, stable with no maintenance;

» Only electricity, no other consumables, equipment life.

» Low noise, can be placed in the office to use, low power consumption;

» Ultra-high fineness.

» Compared with traditional models, the use of laser marking, do not need to have any mechanical contact with the nameplate.

» High degree of automation, easy to learn operation

» Adjustable range size, compatible with different specifications of nameplates. Absolute positioning setting, accurate printing position


Multi-Station Nameplate Automatic Laser Marking Machine is mainly used to mark metal nameplate.Metal nameplate is fixed to the product, to customers to convey the manufacturer's brand and other information, its content mainly has the logo, product name, specifications parameters, date of production and other information of the metal signage, common materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy and other metal materials, such as industrial equipment unit nameplates, home appliance nameplates, office equipment nameplates, automotive nameplates, electronic product nameplates and so on.

Technical Parameters:




Laser sourceImported IPG fiber laser

Positioning method

Fixture shape   positioning

Fixture shape   positioning

Auto focus method

Ranging sensor   positioning

Ranging sensor   positioning

Processing nameplate stations number



Laser power



Unloading method

Multi-station   receiving and unloading

Multi-station   receiving and unloading

Electricity requirements220V/ single-phase 50HZ/20A


1300x900x1600 mm

2400x1050x1800 mm

Special function


Grind and remove   metal chips


nameplate laser marking sample



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