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GRF Single Platform Tube And Metal Integrating Laser Cutting Machine


The GRF single platform tube and metal integrating laser cutting machine integrates sheet cutting and tube cutting with one, cutting a wider range of applications, stronger processing capacity. It has less preliminar y investment, occupies a smaller area and is more economical.

Features of Single Platform Tube and Metal Integrating Laser Cutting Machine

» Equipped with 500-3 000W laser;

» The machine tool adopts a high-strength welded bed and is equipped with a special process-designed aluminum beam, which has good rigidity and high strength;

» The machine tool adopts gantry type bilateral drive, adopts servo motor drive, is equipped with high-precision gears, has high installation accuracy, large transmission torque, small transmission error, and good dynamic characteristics;

» Equipped with adaptive optics design, equipped with power adaptive technology, high processing efficiency.

Technical Parameters:




Laser power


Max. acceleration


Clamping tube range

Φ8-Φ120,□8- □85/Φ10-Φ160, □10-□110

Max. Clamping tube weight

≤ 120KG

Chuck rotating speed


Y2-axis positioning accuracy

士0.03 mm/1000mm[1]

Y2-axis repetition positioning accuracy

+0.03 mm/1000mm[1]

U-axis repetition positioning accuracy

≤7 arcs

Details of Single Platform Tube and Metal Integrating Laser Cutting Machine:

Bed body:

Features of the bed: Welded bed, compact design, good rigidity, high strength, stable and reliable, with excellent shock resistance and machine tool base with high performance dynamic and static characteristics.

The main bed body of the cutting machine is welded with steel structural steel. Welded bars are used internally both horizontally and vertically as reinforcements for the bed body, which better solves the stress caused by welding and processing, thereby greatly improving the machine tool's performance. Rigidity, can maintain the accuracy of machine tools for a long time. The bases on both sides are processed by gantry milling in one step, which effectively ensures the accuracy of the later installation of precision linear guide rails and precision racks. The main bed adopts a hollow bed, and the machine tool is fully insulated to effectively avoid thermal deformation problems caused by high heat.

Cross beam

The beam of the cutting machine is made of aviation extruded aluminum beam, which has medium strength and good corrosion resistance. It is made of 6005A aluminum alloy. It is rough-machined after annealing to eliminate internal stress and fine-machined after secondary vibration aging treatment. Design features are:

·Light weight and high dynamic performance.

·It improves the overall strength, rigidity and stability.

·Improved efficient movement speed and acceleration.

·The base is designed with cast iron, which improves the original cast aluminum fixing method and reduces the impact of motion impact caused by overrunning when the machine tool moves at high speed.

Cutting head

·The cutting process is more stable and efficient with real-time monitoring

·Using intelligent perforation to greatly improve processing efficiency

·Low maintenance cost, easy to pull out, plug in and use when replacing

·Use multi-level anti-collision blocks to reduce the probability of collision damage

·It is faster and more convenient to replace the protective lens

·It has a lens detection function that can detect the lens status in real time.

·It has real-time adjustment zoom function.

Rear chuck:

·Chuck repeat positioning accuracy≤0.15mm, rotation accuracy≤0.1mm;

·Level 6 precision, ground gear transmission;

·Four-jaw pneumatic chuck, clamping range 15-160mm.

Front chuck:

·Chuck repeat positioning accuracy ≤0.05mm, rotation accuracy ≤0.05mm;

·Level 6 precision, ground gear transmission;

·Clamping range 15-160mm;

·Pneumatic chuck, equipped with double-row roller claws to further ensure processing accuracy

Control System

The control systems currently used are divided into two types: board control and bus control systems, which have the characteristics of stability and reliability, easy deployment, simple debugging, safe production, rich functions, and excellent performance; support and provide modularization, personalization, and automation , informatization plan. These two are relatively mature and high-end dedicated laser cutting systems currently on the market.



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