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Laser Welding for Plastic


Laser Welding for Plastic is also called laser penetration welding, the basic principle is: the upper and lower two plastic workpieces placed in the fixture and apply sufficient pressure, the laser beam penetrates the upper layer of plastic, the lower layer of plastic surface to absorb the laser energy and melt the plastic, melting plastic in the welding pressure under the action of the welding fusion, cooling after the formation of a solid weld.


» Function-specific output lasers with advanced technology fixtures, no need to add any light-absorbing additives, welding is beautiful, clean and pollution-free.

» Modular design makes the system configuration flexible, a variety of optional hardware and software configurations can flexibly meet the needs of customer customization, you can choose the optimal configuration according to the characteristics of the product.

» Laser and automatic welding integrated into one, compact structure, flexible movement.

» Laser is maintenance-free and highly reliable, no need to replace any device during its lifetime.

» Welding of points, straight lines, circles, squares, or any planar pattern consisting of straight lines and arcs, as well as circumferential welding.

» With CCD monitoring function, the laser has a red light indication function, positioning and aiming is simple, fast and accurate.


As to Laser Welding for Plastic, materials that can weld include Fluorine resin (PFA), Olefin resin (PE, PP), Engineering resins (PBT, PA6, PC, POM), Super engineering resins (PSF, PPS, PEEK, PEI, LCP), transparent materials (PC, PVC, PP, PMMA, PET). Also can realize welding of non-woven fabrics (PP materials) with a wall thickness of 3mm and 5mm. Continuous linear welding of nonwoven fabrics with various mesh densities and membrane welding are realized. Non-destructive welding of fluorocarbon resin film (25-100 microns) is realized.


plastic laser welding samples



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