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15000W Automatic Flatbed Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

  • 6000W-30000W

  • 6000*2500mm, 8000*2500mm, 12000*2500mm

  • Carbon steel plates, stainlesssteel plates, copper plates, aluminum alloy plates


Life is inseparable from the metal, metal is inseparable from the processing, processing is inseparable from the cutting machine. There are many kinds of cutting machines, with the development of the trend, laser cutting technology is becoming more and more mature in China, and has become the mainstream of the sheet metal processing industry. Laser cutting technology uses a focused beam of light to melt the material in a certain place to achieve cutting or engraving effects.


» Good cutting quality and reduce labor costs. Laser cutting machine using laser non-contact processing characteristics, no damage to the workpiece, cut products without extrusion deformation, processed product quality is good, no burrs, no need for manual re-polishing, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures, optimize the labor intensity of workers.

» Save investment in molds and reduce production costs. Laser cutting machine can be directly on a variety of hardware workpieces without mold production, no mold consumption, no need to repair and replace molds, can save a lot of molds to use, save processing costs, reduce production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.

» High precision and effectively improve productivity. Laser cutting process as a "shear - punch" alternative process appears, with precision, flexibility, high efficiency features, can effectively process a variety of complex parts, just do a good job of cutting graphics, imported into the control system, you can set the size of the cut, help to directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle, effectively improve labor productivity. Labor productivity.

» Cutting speed optimizes the working environment.Laser cutting machine cutting quickly, stable equipment at work, low noise, no dust, will not produce harmful chemicals to the human body and the environment, for the operator is also a kind of intimate protection, to ensure that the production site is clean and tidy, reduce the late investment, reduce pollution, to help hardware enterprises to promote the optimization of the working environment.

» Low maintenance cost and high cost performance.Maintenance of mechanical products is very costly, while the laser cutting machine performance is stable, durable continuous work, not easy to damage, in the late maintenance costs have a great advantage.


Laser cutting machine flexible cutting process can support the rapid generation of many complex graphics, so the laser cutting machine is also favored by many home decoration companies, especially in the field of metal products furniture accessories are widely used. Laser cutting machine has high efficiency, small heat-affected zone, good verticality of cutting edge and smooth cutting edge. That's why it is also popular in the advertising manufacturing industry and can meet a large number of customized needs. Laser cutting machine can process a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and many alloy steel composites for complex lamp manufacturing designs. Laser cutting machine is especially suitable for cutting stainless steel plate with high speed, high precision and good effect. It is suitable for kitchen manufacturing, metal cabinet manufacturing and other industries.

Technical Parameters:





Laser power




Z-axis path




Positioning accuracy




Repetition positioning accuracy




Processing format







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