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Semi-automatic 6m Steel Tube Laser Cutting Machine

  • 1000W-2000W

  • 600*160mm, 600*220mm, 600*320mm

  • stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other metals tubes


Laser pipe cutting machine working principle and plane laser cutting machine principle is similar, are through the focus of high-density, high-power laser beam, irradiation in the cut pipe surface, in a very short period of time will be the laser spot area of the temperature rises to the melting point of the cut pipe or boiling point, making the cut pipe surface quickly melted or vaporized, so as to complete the cutting of the pipe work. When the laser spot moves along the set cutting route, the spot continuously interacts with the cut pipe to form a slit, and various auxiliary gases are needed for slag blowing, cooling and cutting assistance during the cutting process.


» The laser pipe cutting machine adopts electric energy converted into light energy for cutting, which seldom produces pollutants such as waste gas, waste water, noise and dust, contributing to environmental protection.

» High efficiency and automation utilizes computer control technology, and a professional automation control system is installed inside the laser pipe cutting machine, which can quickly realize the functions of part specification design, cutting path planning, cutting speed control and vacuum adsorption.

» Will not affect the structural properties of the material laser cutting through thermal deformation, but the heated area is very small, will not affect the structure and properties of the entire material.

» Simple maintenance laser tube cutting machine internal mechanism is simple, timely maintenance, its main components such as fiber laser, optical path and so on are very durable.

» Simple operation, less personnel requirements laser tube cutting machine is very simple to operate, only need to find the correct parameters on the interface to set up, the program is responsible for the optimization of the cutting line, arithmetic and management, so it does not require too many technicians to participate in the process, reducing operating costs.


Laser pipe cutting machine can be used to manufacture pipes for use in medical devices.Laser pipe cutting machine allows for extremely high cutting accuracy and reduce material waste. Laser cutting can also cut materials to desired sizes and shapes without contact, making the manufacturing of embedded or smart medical devices much more efficient. In the furniture manufacturing sector, laser pipe cutting machine can be used to cut metal pipes or plastic pipes. Laser cutting is more precise than traditional cutting methods and can be accomplished without damaging the pipe. Laser cutting also provides a higher level of assurance in terms of the smoothness and aesthetics of cut furniture.

Technical Parameters:            






Laser power




Max. Tube clamping weight




X-axis and Y-axis positioning accuracy




X-axis and Y-axis repetition positioning   accuracy




Chuck rotating speed




Clamping tube range







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